Are you committed to your employees? Do you want an insurance company that is committed to helping you keep your employees safe and your costs down? Look no further than the Refinance InsuranceWorkers' Compensation Insurance program to provide you with a comprehensive program that has you and your employees in mind.


Refinance Insurancespecializes in small business and will assist you in providing your employees with quality coverage for their work-related injuries, while focusing on saving you money and time. As a business owner or employer, you have a responsibility to provide Workers' Compensation to your employees. We offer specific and valuable product experience with a focus on cost control and early return to work. Lucky for you, an agent can help you choose the Refinance InsuranceWorkers Compensation Insurance program, so you can focus on keeping your employees safe while someone else takes care of the paperwork!

Refinance InsuranceWorkers Compensation Insurance features extensive loss cost management services to keep your business competitive and profitable:

Free Risk Management Tools.
With Refinance InsuranceWorkers' Compensation Insurance you will have access to a comprehensive online risk management tool, that offers information to help minimize the potential for a workplace injury or illness.
  • Medical Management.

    We offer a range of medical management staff, including registered nurses who coordinate care.
  • Managed Care Networks.

    This program will help to reduce costs for medical service, where available by state.
  • Medical Bill Review.

    Medical bill review by specialists to ensure payment for services is at the lowest available rates.
  • Return to Work.

    Helping your employees get back to work as soon as medically possible.
  • Case Management.

    This program helps orchestrate and validate the care plan.
  • Pharmacy Discount Program.

    This program helps to reduce the costs for expensive items that employees may need.
Knowlegeable Agent

Take advantage of the knowledge at hand.

Not all insurance companies have thousands of highly trained and exceptional agents across the country ready to provide you the best policy for your business, in person. Agents are ready to answer the questions you didn't even know you had about Refinance Insuranceinsurance.

Do we insure you?

All states have Workers' Compensation Insurance laws and as a business owner or employer you are required to provide Workers' Compensation Insurance coverage to your employees. Laws do vary by state and your local agent will be able to help you with the coverage that is available to you.

Refinance InsuranceWorkers' Compensation Insurance specializes in:

  • Small Business
  • Broad Eligibility
  • Coverage for over 600 business types
  • Purchased as a separate package

Visit an agent to help you choose the right Refinance Insurancepolicy for your small business.

You Choose!

Refinance Insuranceoffers flexible payment plans, including pay online, by mail or electronic funds transfer.

Important Coverages to Consider.

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Business Owners Policy coverage offers general liability and property coverage for over 600 different small businesses. Click here to find out where your business fits!


"Insurance? I knew absolutely nothing about it, at all. I started looking around and found that there are a lot of companies out there and a lot of information to sort through. So much in fact that I became overwhelmed and didn't know which way was up. Unfortunately, I didn't have a trained advisor guiding me and helping me select the right coverages and ended up paying too much for limited coverage. After my first incident, I found an insurance agent that took me step-by-step through what I needed. What a refreshing experience!"

We want you to take advantage of the knowledge!

Take advantage of our thousands of highly trained and exceptional agents across the country ready to help you choose the best Refinance Insuranceinsurance policy for your business. With all the confusing ways to buy insurance out there today, why not stick with a trained professional who knows the ropes. An agent will focus on saving you time, money and hassle on purchasing and maintaining your insurance. They will help you choose the best policy for your business. Period.

Take advantage of the knowledge at hand and locate an agent to help you choose the right insurance today, so you can continue to be successful tomorrow.

Why get an Agent?

Get Informed

Get Informed.

There is so much more to know than what is on this site. An insurance agent is educated and knowledgeable on insurance products and policies. They can answer the questions you didn't even know you had.

Get a lower cost

Get a Lower Cost.

Contrary to popular belief, working with an agent can actually save you money. Agents are professionally trained to help you choose the right policy for you. This saves you from paying for the extras that you don't want.

Get extra time

Get Extra Time.

Don't spend time shuffling through papers, trying to figure out if you have the right insurance. Get an agent to take care of the paperwork, so you can take care of focusing on the success of your business.

Get Comfort

Get Comfort.

Agents are far more efficient at cross-checking and knowing what policies fit best. They can answer your questions and explain coverages in detail.

Get personal

Get Personal Care.

Your agent can provide personal care and follow-through that you wouldn't receive on-line. They will welcome you, educate you, book your policy, take your claim information and thoroughly follow-up.

In most cases insurance is necessary. If you have to spend your money, why not spend it the right way?

Let an experienced agent take care of you from start to finish with the right policy; a Refinance policy!

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Availability: Refinance InsuranceWorkers' Compensation Insurance is not available in all states. Please note that policies, coverages and coverage amounts vary by state and all coverages may not be available in all areas. Please locate an agent to learn more.

About the coverages described on this site: Your insurance contract is contained only in your policy, not in this website. Your insurance protection may vary from the coverages described here, depending on the standard coverages included in your policy and the optional coverages you purchase. Credit is only used by underwriting or rating where allowed by state law. We use credit-based insurance scoring in some cases. *Coverage may not be available in all areas.